Thursday, November 3, 2016

Illustration Friday " Weapon"

Whoah Nelly! I haven't been here in ages. I recently participated in this year's Inktober and I found it so therapeutic to draw every day I decided to take on Illustration Fridays again. This week's topic is "weapon".
I hope to see you here again next  week. : )


Thursday, February 25, 2016

I finally updated my website....

I can't believe we're almost done the month of February! Eep! The time has been flying by and it looks as though my show at the Langley Centennial Museum will soon be coming down. You have until Sunday Feb. 28th if you want to get one last peek in. I was very happy to have been part of that show and it spurred me to do a bit of updating to my website and my YouTube channel. I really have more ideas than I do time but I'm hoping to integrate my social channels a little more and get to a point where I will be able to do live art demos via Periscope. Oh the plans.....

Digital watercolour  Lori Dean Dyment

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You're invited to Process/Expressions Prints/Impressions

  Holy smokes has it been a long time since I've done a blog post! I've been kind of avoiding my blog as I had a major computer glitch that's made me lose all of the photos on my previous  posts. I was going to close this blog completely but I decided I'm going to make repairs instead and keep it as a visual diary of my studio practice if nothing else. And guess what? I actually have some art news to submit to this diary!

 On Saturday November 28th I will be attending the opening reception of "Process/Expression Prints/Impressions" at the Langley Centennial Museum. I was invited with some other local printmakers to show our work and share our printmaking processes. Traditional printmaking is not a very well understood art practice and it has been easily confused with current digital printmaking.

To help shed some light on the monotype process I created a short video that shows me creating one of the pieces that will be included in the show.

Monotype Process

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

7th Annual CARDED! show hosted by Hot Art Wet City

Hey, hey, hey! I'm happy to announce that my image "Soul Seeker" was accepted into this year's CARDED! show which is hosted by Hot Art Wet City. This is the 7th annual one night art trading card show and it's always a good time. If you plan on going you might want to get there a bit early as it gets pretty crowded with art card fans eager to make some swaps. You can find out more info about the show here. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

My La Calaca International Print Exchange has arrived!

My La Calaca International Print Exchange has arrived! This is one of my favourite exchanges to participate in. Below are just a selection of the prints. The only drawback is that most people just sign the prints and don't send any other info. so I'm not able to search for them online. Do you recognize any of yours in this bunch?