Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Showing at Fat Cow and Oyster Bar

  So you remember that creative funk I've been in? Well I saw a showing call that was put out by a local independent restaurant that I admire. With eyes wide I jumped at the opportunity and met up with Chris, the owner of the Fat Cow and Oyster Bar to look at the space. 

The Fat Cow is tucked in a little industrial plaza that would be so easy to miss if you weren't looking for it. Kudos to Chris for creating a restaurant that serves food you're willing to search for. Langley is abundant with large corporate restaurants that serve safe standard dishes for the masses coupled with mediocre service. My heart is always warmed when there are chefs willing to make great food with fresh local ingredients and who are responsive to their guests. Too bad there aren't more.

Back to the showing space.....the walls are quite high at the Fat Cow so I had to put up mostly larger pieces. I went with a recent food series I've been working on. I however didn't have anything for their large brick back wall so I had the genius idea of buying a 30" x 40" canvas and creating something. I haven't painted that large in ages and I had to wrestle with a lot of negative self-talk to get it done. Thankfully my timeline was short and I forced myself to get it done. How's that for confronting the demons?!

Below is the painting "Lotus Tea". I was able to work on a few things in this piece that I've been putting off for ages. The pattern on the cups is from an uneditioned linocut block I cut years ago. My mantra for this piece was,"less thinking, more doing". I have mixed feelings about the finished piece but I'm proud of myself for having done it despite my insecurities.

If you haven't made your Valentine's Dinner plans yet I recommend checking out Fat Cow for their yummy looking Valentine's Aphrodisiac menu. Tell them I sent you!