Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How the Blim show went

Last weekend I participated in the Easter Blim market at the Heritage Hall on Main St. This is the first artisan sale I had done since the Steveston Craft Sale. I had been planning to do this show with my sister who owns Super Nova Designs for months now. I had heard good things about the show as a low risk venue with a loyal set of handmade buyers. was a bust for me. I sold some fridge magnets to the vendor across from us but other than that, I only got a lot of lookers and no buyers. My table was tucked around a corner at the far end of the building and I feel as though we had less foot traffic than the other tables. Over all the show wasn't well attended but I found it to be a great experience and we were able to learn a lot from it.

I thought I would show you a bunch of photos of the sale and some of my fellow vendors. What do you think of our table? My biggest purchase for the table was a rotating necklace rack from a closing consignment shop.

Some funky finds

Tempting pastries

The sweetest hand-felted birds

My cousin who is also an artist

The fantastic food we ate

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, April 22, 2011

See you at the Easter Blim Market

Happy Easter weekend everyone! This Sunday after the egg hunt at our house I'll be making my way to the Blim Market  at the Heritage Hall on Main St.  I do hope some of you can make it there and say "hi". Here's a little peek at some of the other very talented vendors who will be selling there as well. There are nearly 50 tables at this show so your bound to find something perfect for yourself or someone special.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing pocket mirrors

How is everyone? Is the sun shining for you? I hope so. Even though the sun can't seem to decide what season it is here I know it must be spring because the lilacs are budding and my lillies have popped up.
 I think so many people enjoy spring because it's all about renewal and fresh starts after slogging out the winter. That's kind of what Easter is all about too, isn't it? I think that's the mark on the calendar where people acknowledge the arrival of spring and the promises of a great summer. This year I will be celebrating Easter at the Blim market in the Heritage Hall on Main St.. Every month on a Sunday Blim brings you a fantastic selection of artists and crafts people that create unique handmade items. These are popular markets and this year will be the first one for me.

Staying with the theme of "new" I will be selling a new product to my shop. I have been wanting to do pocket mirrors with my images for ages now and I've finally been able to create a line of twelve different images. Now you can carry a little piece of art with you where ever you go AND use it to make sure you look smashing.

If you're in the Main St. area on April 24th, stop by and find my table and say 'hi".

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Celebrating spring with Paper-N-Stitch

Spring is almost here and I'm happy to announce that I've been accepted into the curated spring Paper'N Stitch Showcase. I've always enjoyed the showcases on P'nS as they are always chalk full of unique and beautiful handmade pieces.

Take a look around the site and take note of some of the great promotions some of the sellers are giving exclusively to Paper and Stitch readers. In my own shop, I'm offering 20% off combined purchases of $30 or more before shipping. Just type in the code PNS in the "message to buyer" section to receiver your discount via Paypal.

What do you think about the site? I would love to hear about your favorite piece in the showcase.(Not just mine). Here's to spring!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Sneak Peek

For today's post I was going to show you another project I've been working on. I have signed up for a table for the Blim Easter Market on  Sunday April 24th and I'm sharing the table with my sister who is a whiz with the sewing machine. Tracey will be selling shopping bags, barrettes, change purses,lunch bags and decor plushies under the name Super Nova Designs. Tracey had suggested that since we were sharing a table we should collaborate on a couple items. Tracey could sew something up and I would create some artwork to go on it. Sounds like a plan. Now that I had finally figured out to do some silkscreening at home, I printed a black cat on some fabric that my sister supplied. Once the pieces were dry, I gave them to Tracey and she transformed them into the front flap piece of a handmade messenger bag. These are no ordinary bags though as she's finished them off to be reversible. If that didn't make them appealing enough, she has also sized the strapping to fit across a child to be a true messenger bag and long enough to fit as a small day purse on an adult.  Each cotton bag measures 8"x10" with a canvas twill strap.

They turned out so well that I've already printed off some mushrooms for another bag and I'm currently in the process of creating a dinosaur and a robot image for others. These bags were created solely for the Blim market and I wouldn't be able to sell them on my Etsy because my sister had done so much work on them but if we were to get enough interest I may try and sell a few online on a different storefront. What do you think? Are they handmade cuteness? Do you know of someone who must have such a unique little bag? I would love to hear what you think.