Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing pocket mirrors

How is everyone? Is the sun shining for you? I hope so. Even though the sun can't seem to decide what season it is here I know it must be spring because the lilacs are budding and my lillies have popped up.
 I think so many people enjoy spring because it's all about renewal and fresh starts after slogging out the winter. That's kind of what Easter is all about too, isn't it? I think that's the mark on the calendar where people acknowledge the arrival of spring and the promises of a great summer. This year I will be celebrating Easter at the Blim market in the Heritage Hall on Main St.. Every month on a Sunday Blim brings you a fantastic selection of artists and crafts people that create unique handmade items. These are popular markets and this year will be the first one for me.

Staying with the theme of "new" I will be selling a new product to my shop. I have been wanting to do pocket mirrors with my images for ages now and I've finally been able to create a line of twelve different images. Now you can carry a little piece of art with you where ever you go AND use it to make sure you look smashing.

If you're in the Main St. area on April 24th, stop by and find my table and say 'hi".

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