Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Sneak Peek

For today's post I was going to show you another project I've been working on. I have signed up for a table for the Blim Easter Market on  Sunday April 24th and I'm sharing the table with my sister who is a whiz with the sewing machine. Tracey will be selling shopping bags, barrettes, change purses,lunch bags and decor plushies under the name Super Nova Designs. Tracey had suggested that since we were sharing a table we should collaborate on a couple items. Tracey could sew something up and I would create some artwork to go on it. Sounds like a plan. Now that I had finally figured out to do some silkscreening at home, I printed a black cat on some fabric that my sister supplied. Once the pieces were dry, I gave them to Tracey and she transformed them into the front flap piece of a handmade messenger bag. These are no ordinary bags though as she's finished them off to be reversible. If that didn't make them appealing enough, she has also sized the strapping to fit across a child to be a true messenger bag and long enough to fit as a small day purse on an adult.  Each cotton bag measures 8"x10" with a canvas twill strap.

They turned out so well that I've already printed off some mushrooms for another bag and I'm currently in the process of creating a dinosaur and a robot image for others. These bags were created solely for the Blim market and I wouldn't be able to sell them on my Etsy because my sister had done so much work on them but if we were to get enough interest I may try and sell a few online on a different storefront. What do you think? Are they handmade cuteness? Do you know of someone who must have such a unique little bag? I would love to hear what you think.

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