Sunday, July 29, 2012

Camping 2012

We recently came back from camping with the Blue Raja and I hoped to be able to have all sorts of beautiful pictures of the Okanagan for you but that didn't happen. Before we left home the weather was fantastic. As soon as we went the sky clouded over and it got very cool out. Because we were going to the interior of B.C. where they have towns called Summerland and Peachland we thought we would surely get some warm weather there. Nope.  As soon as we parked our van in our campsite we started hearing thunder. Not long after that it started to downpour and we even got a little hail. For the next few days we didn't see much sun and decided to come home a day early to beautiful blue skies. Go figure.

 Here are a few pictures of our camping trip.

The trip inspired a few images in my sketchbook and I've been putting some on some ceramic cups and saucers. What do you think?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exploring my new home

While I'm still getting used to my new home I have been checking out what kind of neat shops I can find as well. Not more than five minutes from home is Fort Langley which is considered the birthplace of B.C..

 Fort Langley is a really quaint town as I have found out and it is full of some really chic little shops. Today I thought I would show you The Little White House which really made an impression on me. This heritage house is filled top to bottom with cute and stylish wares with a Parisian flare. The color theme of course is mostly white with accents of creme and black. If you happen to visit make sure you have plenty of time to wander the many rooms of unique items.

Below are some pictures I sourced of The Little White House so you could get an idea of how stylish Langley can be. Do make sure you follow through on the links to these other blogs which give a really great write ups of Fort Langley and The Little White House.

You know what else you can find at The Little White House?  A wonderful Salon Cafe filled with afternoon tea and treats. Scones, french macaroons, mini cupcakes and tiny sandwiches. How civilized! This really is a destination spot for a girl's day out. I'm just thrilled this gem is so close to home.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

*New* Recipe cards!

Look what I got delivered to me the other day! Recipe cards with my own design!

Ages ago I wanted to create some recipe cards to go with the kids aprons that I had silk-screened. I tried different ways of producing them but it took a little help from Vistaprint to create some cards that I can sell as a set at an affordable price. I will be putting packs of 10 and 20 in my Etsy shop and selling them locally.
In case you need a recipe to right on these cards, here's a link to a previous post of my raspberry lemon muffins.
Do you have a favourite recipe you'd like to share? Link below!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The first two weeks in our new home

Well we finally made it into our new home. Moving day was an actual disaster with our scheduled mover cancelling the day before. We had to scramble and find someone last minute and be willing to pay whatever it cost to get our stuff out of our apartment. What a stressful weekend!

I'ts been two week's now and while we still have plenty of boxes still unpacked, we have already been to Ikea to customize our new space. The list of to-do's is growing but we are very lucky that we don't have any major renos or repairs to do.

My studio is still not set up but I hope to get that organized this week and then I hope to get some artwork done.

The picture is of our cat Paris who has discovered the joys of being outside for the first time. She loves it but I'm afraid to let her out on her own because there have been many cats snagged by coyotes here. We put a leash on her and walk her around which she's okay with because it means she gets to go outside. This also means that she whines a lot to be taken out.

Come back soon when I will have pics of the new place. : )