Sunday, July 15, 2012

The first two weeks in our new home

Well we finally made it into our new home. Moving day was an actual disaster with our scheduled mover cancelling the day before. We had to scramble and find someone last minute and be willing to pay whatever it cost to get our stuff out of our apartment. What a stressful weekend!

I'ts been two week's now and while we still have plenty of boxes still unpacked, we have already been to Ikea to customize our new space. The list of to-do's is growing but we are very lucky that we don't have any major renos or repairs to do.

My studio is still not set up but I hope to get that organized this week and then I hope to get some artwork done.

The picture is of our cat Paris who has discovered the joys of being outside for the first time. She loves it but I'm afraid to let her out on her own because there have been many cats snagged by coyotes here. We put a leash on her and walk her around which she's okay with because it means she gets to go outside. This also means that she whines a lot to be taken out.

Come back soon when I will have pics of the new place. : )


  1. The first weeks are always the most stressful days of moving in. All the unpacking and cleaning can be hard, but at least it can be fun doing it with the whole family. And it’s a good thing you found another mover to help you with your stuff. Hope you post some photos of your house next time!

    @Avis Vanscyoc

  2. That is so true. Next time I will be sure to get some good referrals. Pictures of the new place will come once the pictures get up on the wall.

  3. I am glad you managed to survive the two weeks. Moving is stressful, but if you have kids then it’s not so much, as you can turn moving into a game. Well, at least, that’s what I did with my kids. We tried to guess what was in the box, and whoever got the right answer gets a point. In the end, the winner gets to choose what and where to eat. My son chose to have pizza the last time. So how are you liking the place so far?

    Ofelia Bertrand