Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Next

I am a born list-maker. I make to-do lists everyday. I'm at a loss if I don't have my day planner. This is even more true now that I've had my kids. ( I transferred a whack load of brain cells to them don't cha know?) So as you can imagine, I love using the "favorite item" function on Etsy. I heart items that I particularly like and look at my list often to be inspired or keep up to date with a particular shop.

When the Christma season comes I rely on even more lists to stay on top baking, gifts, and my own wish list. This year I want to make my own wish list online so that people can actually see what I've been yearning for. Well, I don't think my "favorites" list is going to cut it. There are ALOT of things I would love on Etsy but I have a few other desires too. This year I plan to use ThisNext social shopping site to compile my wish list. If you don't know the site, ThisNext works primarily on word-of-mouth recommendations of its members. For myself, I've put the "add this" button to my browser bar to be able to easily transfer link, info and image of an item from any site. As well, you can recommend other pieces that are similar or would go well with your item.
If any of you would like to help shorten my wish list and send me an early Christmas present, click here:Lori's Wishlist . Or you can just take a look to see some of the things that I think are fabulous. So take a browse around the site and enjoy some note worthy window shopping.

P.S. If you click on an item and it says that it's "unavailable" on the source site, you can still click it to see other wonderful items by that seller.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The weird and wonderful

I was recently featured in a great Etsy treasury with the theme "Nightmare" While I was very flattered to have been chosen, I sometimes wonder why so many people find my work to be so "dark". While I admit that my pieces tend not to be too colorful as I do so many in black and white, I don't always see the unusualness of my work as others do. So rather than fighting this perception I've been trying to play up my uniqueness and offer images that you'll find no where else.
I put the call out on the Etsy forums to see what other quirky and unique items can be had. As most of you know, Etsy is like finding a treasure trove of creativity. Below is just a small sample of unusual items I found being offered. My thanks go out to everyone who offered up their suggestions for this theme. Celebrate the weird!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well, summer is over. How did it go by so fast? Already the kids are thinking about what they want to be for Halloween.
As the first day of school approaches I admit that I'm a little nervous. My oldest will be starting kindergarden and my youngest will be starting preschool. I'm not nervous for them and whether or not they will adjust to these big changes but rather if I have the stamina and ability to adjust to the changes. Can I get them out the door on time without pulling out all my hair? Can I get them home and make their lunches fast enough before our empty tummies and worn patience give out? Other mommies do it so I must be able to do it, right? It looks like all of us will be learning a lot about adapting come the start of the school year.
So to continue with the back-to-school theme I thought I would show a few items that might help make the start of the new school year special.

Left to right; top to bottom
African Grey, Mee a Bee, Bubble Girl Knits, Sewn Sational, This 'N That Cafe, Sleevy, Vinyl Ville, The Lovely Duckling, Scowling Owl, Kukubee, Wood Crafts and Candles, My Duck Duck Goose