Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you Jealous Curator readers

A little while ago I did a post letting you in on why I've decided to close my Etsy shop. Since then I've been working on new prints and new techniques and really trying to shift my perspective of myself as an artist. I had mentioned that my friend Danielle of the Jealous Curator had lent me her copy of the Artist's Way and that she has been really instrumental in helping me find a happier path to creativity. One day we were chatting about my sense of failure for still having to work a part-time job as a server and not creating a livelihood with my true talents. Patient as always, Danielle told me that I wasn't the only artist out there with that struggle and she bet that it she put a call out on her blog about it I would hear empathy from plenty of people.

Boy was she right. So many people wrote long and thoughtful comments about being insecure as an artist. About not being good enough. I think I may have checked on her blog post more often than Danielle to see if there was something new written. One of the things I loved about the comments was that I was able to click on the name of the commenter and be directed to their web page. So many crazy talented people! These skilled and successful people felt the same insecurities as me?! I loved hearing that I wasn't alone. I printed the whole set of comments so that I can go back and refer to them when I need a pick me up. It will be more to me than a bunch of inspirational phrases because these were responses to my  personal conflict.

So this post is a huge THANK YOU! to Danielle and all the people who commented on her post. All your comments were very inspiring and I will use them thoughtfully on my artistic journey.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ganbare Nippon Charity Shop

A little while back I had put a call out on my blog asking for people to let me know of any opportunities for me to donate some of my artwork to worthy charities. Thanks to a someone on Twitter who saw this, I was directed to Erica Sharp. Erica is an illustrator in the UK who is amassing an amazing collection of artwork that she is selling in a shop on Etsy called Ganbare Nippon . Ganbare Nippon is a shop dedicated solely for fundraising for relief and aid in the earthquake struck regions of Japan.
I have donated my "Into the Brush" monotype which is a one-of-a-kind print on Rives BFK paper. My "At home" linocut is from a small edition which was hand-rubbed with a wooden spoon. The final donation, "Simple Wants" is a small editioned colloraph that has been hand-painted with watercolor. Take a look at the shop and blog to see my donations and the numerous other fantastic pieces you can buy. There's no guilt in buying a piece here for your home because your purchase will help those in Japan trying to rebuild their lives. A fantastic deal I think.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Year of the Rabbit print exchange - Update

Today I thought I would give you an update about my submission to the Year of the Rabbit print exchange. For the past two Januaries I have submitted to this print exchange and travelling exhibit of traditional printmaking. The theme for each year is based on the Chinese zodiac and this year is the rabbit. Well it must have been a favorite subject of many artists because this years prints were really great.

I was lucky enough to get my piece included on the show's poster along with a wonderful variety of others. I also had one of my prints sell at the show which was a really great surprise. My bunnies found homes! To top it off, I received two fantastic prints from printmakers I admire in the exchange.
Moon Dance


 What do you think? If you were able to hold them you would see how skillfully they were created. I'm very impressed and I hope to frame and hang both of them.

Next year's theme is The Year of the Dragon and already I'm excited at the thought of possibly rendering scales or flames via a linocut. I have plenty of time to explore the idea though as the submission won't be due until next January. So printmakers, do you want to join in on the fun? You can find out all the specifics here. Happy printmaking!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

100 Illustrations

With today's post I'm helping to put out the word about a project I submitted to recently. I saw a call for illustrators to submit to a book project call "100 Illustrations". I have been learning to use my Corel Paint program and I thought this might give me the perfect assignment to test my skills. I'm very new to digital illustration but I really appreciate the ability to make a mistake and correct it instantly. I have found it to be a great way to create sketches and color studies too as sometimes I think I'm too concerned with the cost of paint or paper to experiment. The other advantage to going digital is that I don't have such an issue with storage. Hoorah!

As of last count there are  86  spots left so there is plenty of time to submit an image of your favorite food. I love looking through compilations of artists work and I think this is a great theme. What do you think? Will everyone create an image of a cupcake?
 To get all the info. about submitting to this project click here.