Friday, June 10, 2011

Year of the Rabbit print exchange - Update

Today I thought I would give you an update about my submission to the Year of the Rabbit print exchange. For the past two Januaries I have submitted to this print exchange and travelling exhibit of traditional printmaking. The theme for each year is based on the Chinese zodiac and this year is the rabbit. Well it must have been a favorite subject of many artists because this years prints were really great.

I was lucky enough to get my piece included on the show's poster along with a wonderful variety of others. I also had one of my prints sell at the show which was a really great surprise. My bunnies found homes! To top it off, I received two fantastic prints from printmakers I admire in the exchange.
Moon Dance


 What do you think? If you were able to hold them you would see how skillfully they were created. I'm very impressed and I hope to frame and hang both of them.

Next year's theme is The Year of the Dragon and already I'm excited at the thought of possibly rendering scales or flames via a linocut. I have plenty of time to explore the idea though as the submission won't be due until next January. So printmakers, do you want to join in on the fun? You can find out all the specifics here. Happy printmaking!

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  1. Wow - I really like that moondance print! Seems like a neat idea. :)