Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you Jealous Curator readers

A little while ago I did a post letting you in on why I've decided to close my Etsy shop. Since then I've been working on new prints and new techniques and really trying to shift my perspective of myself as an artist. I had mentioned that my friend Danielle of the Jealous Curator had lent me her copy of the Artist's Way and that she has been really instrumental in helping me find a happier path to creativity. One day we were chatting about my sense of failure for still having to work a part-time job as a server and not creating a livelihood with my true talents. Patient as always, Danielle told me that I wasn't the only artist out there with that struggle and she bet that it she put a call out on her blog about it I would hear empathy from plenty of people.

Boy was she right. So many people wrote long and thoughtful comments about being insecure as an artist. About not being good enough. I think I may have checked on her blog post more often than Danielle to see if there was something new written. One of the things I loved about the comments was that I was able to click on the name of the commenter and be directed to their web page. So many crazy talented people! These skilled and successful people felt the same insecurities as me?! I loved hearing that I wasn't alone. I printed the whole set of comments so that I can go back and refer to them when I need a pick me up. It will be more to me than a bunch of inspirational phrases because these were responses to my  personal conflict.

So this post is a huge THANK YOU! to Danielle and all the people who commented on her post. All your comments were very inspiring and I will use them thoughtfully on my artistic journey.

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