Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsy Canada

As you browse the shops of Etsy, you may notice that the majority of the sellers are from the United States. As a Canadian I have been constantly trying to connect with other Canadians on the site as well as elsewhere online. I believe in supporting local and national sellers whenever I can so that our own home grown talent gets the recognition it deserves. In my own opinion, I feel that we don't appreciate the creative people we have in Canada until that talent leaves for south of the border and is recognized there.Well, Christina of Akane Designs seems to feel the same way and has been a constant supporter of Canadian Etsy sellers. Through various blog posts, forum threads and Facebook pages, Christina has initiated connections between Canadian sellers over and over. Christina's most recent contribution to the Canadian Etsy community has been the formation of the Etsy Canada NING social site. Through this site we've been able to connect easily and more visually as a group. I love the NING networking format and I find it very easy to navigate and search on topics and discussions. Feel free to browse the site and get taste of the talent that's available north of the 49th parallel.

Below are some picks of my own within the Etsy Canada group. Enjoy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

It was a Handmade Halloween

It's been a week now since the ghosts and goblins went searching for candy but I had to share with you some of the photos I took that day.

Near where I live we attended a trick-or-treating event that all the local businesses put on. The kids get dressed up and visit all the participating shops for candy. Even though the forecast called for rain, the sun shone beautifully and made Steveston the place to be Halloween day.

What struck me this year compared to others was how many costumes were handmade. These costumes weren't the usual homemade outfits like "business man" or "hippy" that you usually see. There were so many costumes made with a lot of time, care and creativity that I'm proud to say that it looks like the "Handmade Movement" is alive and well in this part of the world. Below are some photos of the handmade Halloween I saw.
Hand-carved pumpkin

Where the Wild Things Are and Tree with Owl

Piece of sushi with chopsticks

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