Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsy Canada

As you browse the shops of Etsy, you may notice that the majority of the sellers are from the United States. As a Canadian I have been constantly trying to connect with other Canadians on the site as well as elsewhere online. I believe in supporting local and national sellers whenever I can so that our own home grown talent gets the recognition it deserves. In my own opinion, I feel that we don't appreciate the creative people we have in Canada until that talent leaves for south of the border and is recognized there.Well, Christina of Akane Designs seems to feel the same way and has been a constant supporter of Canadian Etsy sellers. Through various blog posts, forum threads and Facebook pages, Christina has initiated connections between Canadian sellers over and over. Christina's most recent contribution to the Canadian Etsy community has been the formation of the Etsy Canada NING social site. Through this site we've been able to connect easily and more visually as a group. I love the NING networking format and I find it very easy to navigate and search on topics and discussions. Feel free to browse the site and get taste of the talent that's available north of the 49th parallel.

Below are some picks of my own within the Etsy Canada group. Enjoy.


  1. Yay Canada! 194 members and counting!

  2. EtsyCanada is a great way to showcase the talent to be found here! Great blog post!
    And Thanks to Christina of Akane Designs!

  3. Love all these pieces! So much canuck talent :) Thanks for including my Comic Collage, wow, I'm really privileged to be amongst this bunch.