Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exploring my new home

While I'm still getting used to my new home I have been checking out what kind of neat shops I can find as well. Not more than five minutes from home is Fort Langley which is considered the birthplace of B.C..

 Fort Langley is a really quaint town as I have found out and it is full of some really chic little shops. Today I thought I would show you The Little White House which really made an impression on me. This heritage house is filled top to bottom with cute and stylish wares with a Parisian flare. The color theme of course is mostly white with accents of creme and black. If you happen to visit make sure you have plenty of time to wander the many rooms of unique items.

Below are some pictures I sourced of The Little White House so you could get an idea of how stylish Langley can be. Do make sure you follow through on the links to these other blogs which give a really great write ups of Fort Langley and The Little White House.

You know what else you can find at The Little White House?  A wonderful Salon Cafe filled with afternoon tea and treats. Scones, french macaroons, mini cupcakes and tiny sandwiches. How civilized! This really is a destination spot for a girl's day out. I'm just thrilled this gem is so close to home.


  1. It must be great to have those heritage houses and shops located just near your new house! You won't need to travel far just to visit wonderful and historic spots. The Little White House looks absolutely adorable! I like how simple and pleasant it looks, inside and out. The light colored furniture and interior design is quite relaxing to the eyes, and it looks great when light enters the house and makes it look brighter and more alive.

    Avis Vanscyoc

  2. It seems like your new home is located pretty nicely there, settled near all kinds of shops and stores. That is one factor to consider when buying and moving to a new house: the location. Getting a house near an educational institution and a grocery shop is ideal. You might also want to live in a place with a low crime rate. Taking all these into consideration, it’s easy to see that you have moved into a pretty good neighborhood!

    Max Schear

  3. I am glad that you are settling in quite nicely in your home, and that you have taken to exploring, now that you are comfortable in your environment. You are lucky that you live near a shopping district. Grocery shopping will be quick for you, not to mention convenient! I also like that you are near heritage houses as you’ll get to learn their history. History has always been fascinating, especially if it’s unknown by most people.

    Ofelia Bertrand

  4. Wow! You found your new house in a heritage site? That’s pretty cool, especially if you love history! Keep on exploring and enjoy your new environment! I wonder what your new house looks like. Post some pictures of it too! Thanks.

    -Armandina Skerl