Friday, January 23, 2009

My first blog

Well.... here I go deeper into the depths of the Internet. I'm not quite sure what to say as I'm a little shy when it comes to such new things.

I guess I could say that I was thinking I would like to thank everyone who made it out Hycroft House for my show opening.

On Jan. 18th fellow artist Andrea Chamberlain (
 and jewellery designer Teresa Smed ( and I had the opportunity to show new work in the amazing and historic Hycroft House. Although I thought I create fairly large print pieces, I saw them shrink in size in relation the expansive ceilings and walls of the house. Talk about living large!

For this show I did a series of landscape monotypes which is a new genre for me. I found it really enjoyable and it's a subject I think I will go back to. For those not familiar with monotypes I will give a quick explanation. I do what is considered a reductive monotype in that I roll the whole plate with black ink and then “draw” into it with rags, cards, fingers, etc. to achieve the whites and grey tones. Once I feel the image is complete I lay a piece of dampened paper onto the plate and roll it through the press I keep at home. Now all the ink has transferred onto the paper and the image is in reverse. This will be the only print I can pull.

 For the Hycroft show I added hand-colouring to the prints with chalk pastels. I use high quality Sennelier pastels in thin layers to make sure I can maintain the tones created in the print. I'm really enjoying this technique and have a host of images that I plan to use it on.  


  1. Your prints are beautiful. I've just recently started playing with monotypes. Do you use oil based ink or water based?

  2. Oil based with chalk pastel for color.