Saturday, October 31, 2009

Print Zero Exchange

Well, it finally came. My Print Zero Exchange finally made it into my hands. I had done the above print for this international exchange based in Seattle back in May of this year. As this was my first international exchange, I was very excited to see what I would get in return. Well I waited, and waited, and waited and waited some more. I had almost lost all hope after hearing that some printmakers had received theirs. It looks as one thing after another delayed the mail-outs which was coupled with the fact that they had almost double the amount of entries as they did last year. Nearly 400 editions! I can imagine organizing that many entries was quite an undertaking.

As this exchange was an open call and not juried, all levels of printmaking expertise were present. Each printmaker was asked to complete and edition of 15 to exchange. In the edition that I received there were quite a few prints that looked as though they were beginner editions. Below are a couple of prints that found to be the best in the selection. I can't accredit the artists because most of the prints just have signatures without names or contact info on them. This is something I'll be sure to include in my next exchange because I would have loved to be able to see more of these artists' work. A complete list of artists will be set up on print Zero's Flickr page.

Although I found this exchange to be rather frustrating, I have faith that Print Zero Studio will be able to redeem themselves with future projects and exchanges. I would love another opportunity to visually connect with other printmakers from around the world. Next planned exchange: Year of the Tiger 2010.

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  1. stunning!
    I really like your blog and noticed you have a etsy shop too!
    I'm looking for people to send me 20-25 promo items from their shop for a holiday boutique!
    I need them by Dec.1st!
    Those that help me out will also be featured on my blog for the whole month of December.

    How cool is that?

    You can see more about it on my blog here...

    or send me a note with any questions...thanks!