Saturday, January 23, 2010

Re-useable Produce Bags

Like most people in January, I made some New Year's resolutions and one of them was to be more environmentally conscious and reduce the amount of waste our family produces. Over the years we've started composting, growing our own food, canning and pickling, and making sure to bring our own shopping bags wherever we go. However, whenever we would go to the produce store, we would end up with a fridge full of flimsy plastic bags that would just get used once and then end up in the garbage. While browsing on Etsy I came across some sellers that create re-useable produce bags and thought, "Genius!".
I bought a bunch up for myself and for gifts for others at Christmas from Fickle Faerie and Kootsac and have been really happy with how they've been working. I get a few surprised looks at the check-out but mostly people remark on how "cute" the bags look. Do take a look at the various sets and sizes these sellers have and I'm sure that once you try them out you'll shun plastic produce bags as well.

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  1. These are really great finds Lori! My problem is I tend to forget my eco-frinedly bags at home -its hopeless! Now I keep them in the car next to my sit always- and sometimes I stil forget them in the car ...I tell you! LOL
    I have a print of yours on my etsy favs- you have some lovely artwork in your store I want to link up again during this week in one of my blog posts, I will keep in touch-
    Annamaria xx

  2. I also decided to start using reusable produce bags in 2010. I have read alot about them, a company called Credobags makes 100%organic cotton mesh bags in Canada. Now thats green! Those will be the bags I will buy.