Sunday, January 9, 2011

Opening night at the Firehall Arts Centre

With the first week of the year finished, I'm happy to say that my show opening at the Firehall Arts Centre went really well last Friday. I haven't regularly gone to show openings in ages (read: since before kids) and I felt a little out of place. Once I had a glass of wine in hand and was able to take some photos of the work up, I felt a little more comfortable.

Roz Maclean, the other artist showing with me, had a great set of small pieces displayed and I was really taken with her pen work. Layered with paint, paper, ink, the pieces were evocative in their illustrative style. Each piece seemed to talk about a story and their size really captured the feeling of perhaps being whispered personal thoughts. I am really pleased to be showing with Roz. Please click on the highlighted link to see more of her work.

I know I've said this before but seeing artwork online versus in person is just not the same and I wish there were more venues in Vancouver in which artists could showcase their work in person. Alas, online is less risky and less expensive and I'm glad to be able to show my work in a format that exposes me to such a huge audience. I do wish people would be aware that what you're seeing on the screen is just a portion of what's actually there. More often than not, I think that when you buy any artwork online you will be pleasantly pleased at how much more that piece is once it's in your hands. That's when you get to see its' soul.

If you would like to see the Firehall show it will be up until February 26th. Gallery hours are Wed-Sat. 1-5pm.
Thanks to everyone who came out that night. Stay tuned for news about some shows I have happening in the spring.


  1. Lori, congratulations on your show! You're right, of course, that there is nothing like seeing the work in person...but these real world exhibition opportunities are so few and far between it seems! At least the online world opens up all kinds of other possibilities! Hope you have some sales and a wonderfully, creative year! patti

  2. Thanks Patti. I wish you the same. : )