Friday, March 18, 2011

Take me back to the future and back again please.

Darn it, time is flying faster than I would like and I'm just a wee bit behind on everything. Have you noticed the older you get the faster the days seem to go by? I think I always feel this a bit more after one of my daughter's birthdays. That's when I remember how small and cute they used to be and how it really seems like it was just last week. The addition of grey hairs on my head tell me otherwise.

For fun I thought I'd show an artist that I've been seeing around the net quite a bit. This fits in with my idea of trying to hold onto my youth for a bit longer. Irina Werning has this great series of images called Back To The Future which uses circa 70's portraits alongside 2000 portraits of the same people in the same poses. Take a look and see how little people change over the years. I see that another series is being done for 2011.

For my own bit of nostalgic fun I altered an image of myself with the help of You like my do?

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