Saturday, July 2, 2011

Steveston Salmon Festival. How the show went...

So this was my first Steveston Salmon Festival Art Show. I’ve been to the festival before and knew that the whole community is packed with people to celebrate Canada Day. 70,000 people in fact. That’s some pretty decent amount of local exposure. 
My table was inside the community centre in a room with about five other artists and the local charity pie sale. Treats and coffee in the same room. Perfect. You could tell that I was the newbie to the group because my table was so sparse and everyone else had whole portable walls set up with their work. 
The goal for this show was just to do it and get a little more well known locally for my work. The other goal was to stay positive about the show no matter what the outcome. At least I tried. Did I sell anything? Nope. Did I get some positive comments? Yes. Was my work completely different than the other artists? For sure. Well, I gave it a try and I will reflect on the day more but I don’t think that was the venue for me. There was a craft show going on at the same time that had more traffic and I may have done better there. Those spaces were pricier and a spot was based on a lottery system. A possibility for next year maybe.

I took a few pics with my husband’s iPhone so excuse the poor quality. What do you think of my vinyl table banner that I got from Vistaprint?

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  1. Yes, I like the table banner, though I think it would be better on a curtain behind your booth (or one behind, one at the front).
    Like my first craft show/sale, you have a very "empty" table; I didn't sell much either. Perhaps, as you say, it might be better to try for a Craft Show booth next time. However, the local exposure may well bring you more business, which would be great.
    I do like the wire box thing that you used to display your work. It's rather cool - I'd like to get one for my books!
    But I think that your stall gives the impression that you are there to Exhibit, rather than to Sell. Was that your intention?
    I wonder if the great set of posts that has been made recently, by the BEST team (Bookbinding Etsy Street Team), would be helpful to you? There are posts all about attending craft sales and exhibitions, plus stuff about booths, labelling, selling... all sorts. Most of the stuff would apply to an artist, just as much as a bookbinder/artist! Go take a look at our blog, it is very good!

    Well done to you for taking part - if you're like me, it took an effort.
    I hope you get some new business from your day's hard work and that you are able to get a booth/table if you want one next year.