Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's (I eyes)

As this is my Valentine's post I would like to say Happy Valentine's Day to you and I hope that you're able to enjoy it with the ones you love. I usually get to have a nice dinner with my husband on Valentine's but this year we agreed we could celebrate it another day so that I could work a restaurant shift that night and I could make some nice tip money from others enjoying their special night. Little did I know that I would come down with a case of shingles that now has half my face covered in disgusting sore blisters. Shingles!

The shingles have surrounded my left eye and the scary thing about this second-round bout of the chicken-pox is that if it reaches my optic-nerve, I have a chance of sight damage or blindness. As I sat in the doctor's office with my eyes dilated and waiting for my exam, I tried to look at magazines. With everything a complete blur, I felt a wave of fear of what it might be like to lose some of my vision. I'm a visual person and I communicate visually. I need my eyes. I love my eyes.
I've been tested a couple of times now and while I won't be serving any dinners to loving couples while looking like Quasimodo and I won't be gazing into the eyes of my own husband that night, I am very happy to say that my left eye is okay. I can handle looking horrific this Valentine's if it means I get to see with both eyes next Valentine's.

P.S. This is the part where I put in a plug for getting your child vaccinated against chicken-pox. I think it's worth it.


  1. So sorry to hear about your shingles!!! I actually never had chicken pox as a kid (how did I miss out on that fun?!) so I don't suppose I'm vulnerable and I think I had a vaccine way back as a kid. My husband had a case of shingles several years ago, but it was mild....and still no fun. Thinking of you Lori....hoping for a speedy recovery and so glad your eye will be fine!

  2. Thanks Patti. I'm pretty tired of being sick and I would love to be able to see normally again. Patience I guess.

  3. You poor thing! I am slowly going deaf, and when people get all upset about that for me I just tell them how happy it's not my eyes! I hope you'll get better soon!