Thursday, November 22, 2012

A birthday cake for a musical 70 yr. old

Last week I sent out another birthday cake and I now have some pics for you. This chocolate devil's food cake was filled and frosted with Italian buttercream. Sized for 40 people, the cake was pretty substantial.

The "birthday boy" has always been involved in music and theatre so his wife requested a musical theme. Music notes and piano keys were to be included but I was careful not to add too much mouth-staining black icing. The letters were done in white chocolate with a mould which made it possible for me fit all the wording in properly.

The characture portrait was adapted from an image of  Mr Magoo. I like how he looks as though he's singing happy birthday too. The technique I used for the portrait is called Frozen buttercream transfer which is a fantastic method for getting a very detailed or specific image onto the cake. I did use a different  type icing for it though and you can find the recipe here.

  Speaking of is my birthday! It's kind of a big in the big 4-0. How did that happen? Stop by my shop and wish me a happy birthday and I will give you 20% off anything you purchase. This is valid for November 22nd only and it does not include shipping. Next year I think I will be 40 again.


  1. I love this birthday cake! It makes me wish I knew the person it is for. Also, happy belated birthday!

  2. Thanks so much Amber! It was a fun cake to do and I hope to make another one soon.