Thursday, March 21, 2013

Working away....digitally with Procreate and Art Rage

So I haven't been putting too much new stuff into my Etsy shop lately. I have created so many prints that my studio can't really store too much more. How do I get around this storage problem? I started to create things digitally. Now I just have to worry about storing file sizes but if I want to sell something through my Etsy shop I have to have the piece printed and ready. The cost of printing a quality archival print deters me from doing that. So while I feel guilty for not posting fresh work in my shop, I know that I'm still learning and creating in the studio.

Lately I've been mostly using my iPad with a couple drawing programs I got for it. Porcreate is a very versatile  program that has me working in "oils", "pastel", "pencil" and "chalks". I have found myself sketching in this program more than in my sketchbook. The other program that I've been using is Art Rage which I find has a better set of watercolor functions than the Procreate. The painting brushes are pretty good too but my main complaint about this program is that it's cumbersome to adjust the qualities of the brushes and I prefer the sliders in the Procreate program.

Below are a couple trial sketches with each application. Try them out for yourself and tell me what you think.

Sketch using Procreate for a monotype

Watercolor trial using Art Rage

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