Thursday, August 29, 2013

Showing at Watershed Cafe

It's been ages since I've posted here! What can I say? Offline life is getting in the way. I have been pretty busy though as I have been preparing for an offline solo show at a little local cafe. The Watershed Arts Cafe is a busy and funky place that serves up wonderful homemade items. I had been in there numerous times enjoying a latte and a treat or two and noticed that they were rotating their artwork. I enquired about showing and was able to snag a slot for the month of September.

 I had almost forgotten how much it costs to put on a show! Matts, show tags, frames, printmaking paper, etc. Yup, those costs along with the problem of storing all that framed artwork is why I started trying to sell online.

  At this show I've gone with a food theme and I think you can see the influence cake making has had on the imagery. So if you're in the Langley area and would like to enjoy a latte next to a fireplace, come check me out.

Reductive monotype


  1. Congrats Lori! Hope it's great;-)

  2. Thanks Annamaria! I hope to find new homes for at least a couple of the pieces.