Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hot One Inch Action Saturday November 9th 8-11pm

Hey everybody! Guess what? I got into this year's Hot One Inch Action. If you've never been before it's the fun one-night art button trading show put on by Hot Art/Wet City. This year it's being held in their own gallery at 2206 Main St (@6th Ave) on Saturday November 9th 8-11pm. This is a really popular show and the space does get jam packed with traders but that makes it even more fun.
 This is the tenth year of the show so it they've added another ten artists into the mix to round it out to 60. I live too far away to do any live trading but I can't wait to see the other pieces that were accepted. How about someone else trades for me? Below is my submission. Keep an eye out for it and tell me how the show goes.

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