Saturday, December 12, 2009

Origami Christmas Ornaments

A while back, one Christmas saw my husband and I with a large fresh tree and not very many ornaments to decorate it with. I wasn't able to buy a whole bunch of ornaments so I decided to make them instead. I'm known as a pack rat and I had accumulated years worth of used wrapping paper that I either liked the print or color of. ( I almost like getting nice wrapping paper more than the actual gift) So I set out to create a whole slew of origami ornaments to decorate my tree. I researched and taught myself some rather basic folding patterns and was able to create a glittery and festive tree at no cost other than my time.

Over the years I have kept those ornaments and created more. Each one is gently folded down and put away for the next year, those that are showing wear are thrown away . My daughter has learned to make some too and makes like a kitten with a new found ball every time we create a "water-bomb".

Below are photos of the designs I have made for my tree. I've linked each one with a site that gives directions on making the ornament. I used to thread string into each one to hang on the tree but I find them so light that I just place them into the tree instead. So if you're looking for something a little different and low cost to hang on the tree, save that wrapping paper and re-use it for next years tree trimming.

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