Sunday, May 23, 2010

HomeGrown Photography Contest

It's May long weekend and I hope you are enjoying it. The plants are starting to bloom and the soil is finally warm enough to put out the seedlings. I've posted before about the community garden we have and some of the great produce we get from it thanks mostly to my husband. I love the fact that we can get fresh raspberries, potatoes, blueberries, broccoli and strawberries all organically. It's the best way to get the kids to eat their veggies. They love peas straight off the vine, and who wouldn't? 

 I try my hardest to support local produce whenever possible and one of the reasons I do it is to ensure our food security. We leave ourselves in a very risky position if all our food is trucked in from thousands of miles away. Many others in Vancouver feel this way too and in fact the "100 Mile  Diet" was started right here. One of the groups in the Vancouver who strives to promote local farming and eating is Farm Folk/City Folk which sponsors various events, books and calendars. Right now they are promoting a photography contest called HomeGrown for all B.C. residents. There are three categories in which you can enter: Urban Agriculture, Sustainable Farming, and Farmers Market. You are able to enter a maximum of two photos in hopes of winning one of the listed prizes. Top prize is $500 worth of tokens to be used at any local farmers market. This is the prize I'm after because I would love a bag of fresh organic cherries this year and they are a pretty penny.

I've already entered a couple pics of my girls taking some gardening instruction from Chef Ian Lai who heads the Terra Nova Schoolyard Society. Do you think you've got a couple interesting photos?  The weather is getting nice, maybe your winning shot is out there this weekend.

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