Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

June 20th.....everyone remembers what day that is, right? Yup. Father's Day! If you've been searching for ideas for something to give to your special father, you know I will always recommend something from Etsy. I'm constantly impressed with the unique quality items you can find there. How about these:

My husband's own special gift list includes a Dahon foldable bike. Well....if I happen to win the lottery soon it will be the first purchase I make for my favorite daddy.

Until then how about.... a cake! You thought I was going to say a tie, didn't you? Well how about tie cakes! Matt of Tiepedia wrote to me to tell me about his tie obsessed blog and how he's recently done a blog post on a bunch of great tie themed cakes. As baking is one of my hobbies I just had to see the different interpretations of this perennial Father's Day gift in cake form. What a great selection! All of the sudden I wanted to make a Father's Day cake! I know it won't happen this year but wouldn't it be cool to create a hawaiian tie, hula girl and all, on a tie cake? Thanks to Matt for the suggestion and have a happy Father's Day.

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