Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Door International Print Exchange

Throughout this year I've made a point of taking my work off-line and out into the world a little more. One way I've done this is through art exchanges with some of the fantastic artists I've met online. I'm getting quite the print collection I tell you. One of the more formally print exchanges I decided to participate in is called Green Door which is based in the U.K..

Green Door International Print Exchange is an all-inclusive exchange that maintains specific traditional printmaking criteria for the submissions. The print must be created solely for the exchange and not sold anywhere else. The edition is limited to ten which makes it easy to complete for the novice printmaker. I have heard good things about this exchange and I'm looking forward to seeing what I get back.

Below is my linocut submission, "Bank & Balloon" which gave me a little bit of a challenge in that it's the first multiple plate lino I've done. I hate having to register plates. I know all you reductive linocut printmakers are laughing at me right now.

Bank and Balloon

I would love to hear your thoughts on my piece and let me know if you'll be entering the exchange as well. There is still time to create something as the deadline is for August. Happy printmaking!

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  1. Not bad Lori for your first multi-plate lino. I did a lino as well (reduction) for my submission. I entered the Green Door Exchange last year and was impressed by the selection of prints I got back.

    I did about 5 exchanges last year just to have a few deadlines in my life. Some weren't worth the effort but a couple were pretty good. I was most impressed by Cris Clark's "Littlest Print" exchange and the "Green Door" exchange. Lets hope we get some good prints back.

  2. Thanks Melody. I haven't heard of Cris Clark's exchange but I will search it out.