Friday, August 27, 2010

A Day at the Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park

In my bid to enjoy the last remaining days of summer with the family, we went to a perennial favorite: the Vancouver Aquarium. My youngest had seen something on t.v. about the aquarium having a display of exotic frogs and she was really interested in seeing them. I was kind of surprised because she's afraid of most things that move, thinking that they might attack her. But I was game and thought since it was a Monday morning we could see the aquarium without huge crowds. Well you know that's it's summer and that means it's tourist season for Stanley Park and the Aquarium. By the time we found parking the line-up to get in went into the parking lot. Happily we had a family membership given to us for Christmas and we could by-pass that huge line. I must say that the year pass is really worth the cost especially when you have two younger ones who decide they want to leave after only 30 minutes.

So this time we skipped all the fish halls and went straight to the amphibian exhibit which I must say was really neat. One of the coolest exhibits was a circular tank which held an assortment of pond frogs in various stages of metamorphasis. It was lots of fun to see the kids get excited about finding "another frog!" amoung the plants. Below are a few pictures I took of the frogs.

On the way out of there is a gift shop that sells all things concerned with the current exhibit. Frog lights, frog umbrellas, frog cups, from pins, frog earrings, frog books get the picture. In one glass case there were these frogs that caught my eye as something unique. These handmade ceramic frogs cost only $25 a piece which made me wonder how much the artisan could have possibly gotten for their handiwork.

I snapped some more pictures at the park and just by chance as we were finishing up our treats, we were approached by a family of racoons. You can tell this family is quite familiar to people and once they figured out that we didn't have anything to eat the went on their way.

I think our family outing was quite a success. Only a couple weeks left for more adventures.
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