Friday, August 20, 2010

Square Foot Show at AWOL Gallery

It's still August but I feel like this summer is ending so quickly this year.I will do my hardest though to take in as much of the fun and sun before the leaves start changing and the west coast rains create grey skys. If you happen to be in the Toronto area at the end of the month you can take in the Square Foot show at the AWOL Gallery. Every year for the past seven years the AWOL gallery has put out a call of submission for any 2-D work that measures exactly to 1'x1'. Each piece in this all-inclusive show sells for $200 and is shown in a huge grid format. For a $20 ticket you can preview the show on August 20th to get an idea of which piece you would like to snap up. The show runs from August 21-Sept.5.

Above is the piece that I entered into the show titled: "I think we need to have a chat". I really enjoyed doing this painting and I made a point of documenting the process.This is my first stop motion video and I found it much easier to edit than straight video. 
I would love to hear your thoughts on the video and painting. Let me know if you've submitted to the Square Foot show before. It looks like a fun night indeed.

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