Saturday, September 18, 2010

I think I could be addicted

My husband tells me that I'm hooked on the internet and I think he's probably right. I wake up at 5am whenever I can to be able to start clicking away at my keyboard so that I get a better chance of reaching those people on the east coast. I would watch t.v. if it had something to offer me but it's occupied with children's shows that I've seen a million times. If I do get the chance to watch an adult show it's probable a re-run from several years ago. You see, I'm a constant learner and I would use t.v. to learn how to do things. Cooking and Martha Stewart shows were my favorite because they were constant visual tutorials. I would also scour the library for how-to books but now I always come up short now as it's mostly repeat information for me. Once I got a computer that allowed me to do searches instantly versus over five minutes I got hooked on the internet. I LOVE the ability to quickly scan the screen and see if there is something of interest to me. I also love how everyone puts up links so that I can access even more information. Now I have the Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, Google Alerts, newsletter subscriptions, blog following, Etsy convos. and emails to keep me well informed on so many subjects. As most of you can probably attest, I can't get through it all and my inbox starts to feel overwhelming with all the notices I haven't read yet. I get tired of all the reading and take in a few silly videos on YouTube or elsewhere. Here's one of the YouTube channels I've really been enjoying lately. Talking Animals .

What are your favorite guilty pleasure sites? Are you a silly joke addict, online Scrabble player, fan of Regretsy, continuous link clicker on Craftzine? I would love to hear about them.
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