Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Green Door Print Exchange has arrived

This year I created a print for the Green Door International Print Exchange in the UK. For my submission I created "Bank & Balloon" which was my first multiple plate linocut.
When my edition arrived to the Green Door Print Studio I was notified via email that it made it safely. Thank you. It's so nice to hear something has made it intact through the post. Once the deadline had past the Studio divided the prints amoungst the participants and packaged up the collections for the exchange. I received an email that my exchanged prints had been put in the post. Thank you again. While it took quite a lot longer to arrive than they stated I was really happy with how much communication I got from the Studio.

Once my prints did arrive I got a list of the other printmakers that had received my prints and then I got a list of the prints and artists that I received . I really appreciate being able to look up these artists and find more about them and their work. To top it off, the inside cover had a complete list of all the participating printmakers. I have to say that this exchange was very well organized and executed and I look forward to participating in it again. Will I see one of yours?

List of prints and titles that I was given and a list of all participating printmakers.

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