Saturday, October 2, 2010

My growing wall of inspiration

Since I started selling on Etsy, I've been continually inspired with the artwork I've seen. I could easily spend all my money on wonderful handmade works of art but I've mostly  only been able to "oooo" and "aahhh" at my finds. To compensate I try and promote the sellers and the great pieces they create because I'm thrilled to know that there are so many creative people out there. I feel more connected when I see other people have the same creative energies and desires I have. The best way of course to make sure creativity thrives is to support it financially. I have been able to acquire a few pieces over the past couple years and I have put them on my "inspiration wall" in my hallway. Below are a few pictures of my collection. You have to excuse the lighting in the photos because it's a bit hard for me to access natural light in that hallway.

Along with some favorite family photos I have pieces by:

Narelle Badalassi

Click on each of their names to see more of their work. Perhaps I should post some of the umpteen other artists I plan to shop from too.  What artists inspire you?

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