Friday, October 15, 2010

Self portraits and self image

 Lately I've been preparing for a local Christmas craft show and I'm trying to remember all the details to make a good-looking table. I haven't done this type of personal selling of my work in a very long time and I've never done it with my more personal artwork. I'm hoping to gain a little exposure locally and I feel my work presents itself best when it's viewed in person.

So I decided that I probably need to have a bio and information sheet at the back of  my packaged prints and that they should probably include a picture of myself. I've been told often that I need to show pictures of myself if I want to sell my artwork but I rather like the anonymity of the internet and the ability to show my artwork as a substitution for my face. Truth be told, I take horrible photos and find it really hard to look at a photo of myself without being critical. My husband says that my face changes as soon as I see a camera. I don't have any decent photos of myself since my wedding. To make matters worse, I'm getting to an age where the years of sleepless nights with young children are catching up with me and the bags and wrinkles around the eyes are showing. See what I mean about being critical? So I'll suck it up and take some pictures. You tell me what you think. Do you want to see the artist head on or is a profile picture fine? Can you tell more about me if you see my face? What I want you to see is a creative and kind soul without my insecurities.

I have a link to a cute animated short  "How Happy are you with the way you look" that I think goes well with the whole self-perception angst. Enjoy.


  1. Well, I can absolutely identify with not liking photos of yourself. I HATE photos of me.
    HOWEVER... I think your self perception is off.
    I think you take rather nice photos. I especially like the last one you have shown, but all three are quite nice.
    Go ahead and display your photo. Maybe your courage will rub off on me.

  2. Knotaway is right on the money....I totally identify with you. There is not one photo of me in my online identification...all the little avatars are pictures of work. Call me chicken! Bravo to you for going ahead and getting over knotaway said, maybe there will be enough left to rub off on me too! And you ARE photogenic and any one of the photos is charming...really!!! Good luck!

  3. You guys are sweet. Thanks for the encouragement. : )

  4. I think many people are a bit insecure about having their photo taken. My mother is sooo hard to photograph, as she scowls as soon as she sees a camera - even in my wedding photos! We have managed the occasional nice one of her though - esp. laughing at a funny birthday card.
    I used to always tilt my head to one side - every photo of me as a kid has me with my head tipped over!
    As for your photos... I agree that you do photograph well. I think the trick is not to use too strong light - and it helps to get someone else to take the pictures too.
    I like the first and third pics best. The second looks rather self-conscious. If it's for your artwork bio, why not use a picture of you working? I like to see a profile/ 3/4-facing photo of an artist actually doing what they do best!

  5. Thanks Lizzie for your suggestions. You're right, I did feel self-conscious. How have I ended up looking so much like my mother?

    I think I will try for another photo session though. My six year old is pretty good at taking photos. LOL.

  6. I've followed you on twitter for ages and always imagined you to look like the girl in your avatar! You take a really good picture and agree that the ones with you working look much more natural and less self conscious. Am glad I've finally discovered your blog!