Friday, June 8, 2012

New website is up but how does it compare?

I finally gave up with my attempt to create a Wordpress website. For whatever reason the template I chose would change every time I logged back into my admin. page. I spent way too long to trying to create my website. I finally found a drag-n-drop website that I can afford AND that's made for artists. Right now I have a free account with CarbonMade which gives me probably everything I need for right now. I will probably upgrade soon so that I can add more images.

What I really want to know from you is how does this new site function as compared to my older site. I really wanted to keep the site simple, easy to navigate and highlight my artwork.

Here are my links: Lori Dean
                            Lori Dean Dyment  on CarbonMade

What do you think?

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