Friday, September 7, 2012

My Ninja Cat

Before we moved here our cat, Paris, was an indoor cat. She had access to a balcony but she could never reach the ground. At our new home there are birds, bugs and butterflies to chase not to mention all the amazing new smells to experience. There are coyotes where we are now though and we've been keeping her on a leash outside to make sure she doesn't go too far. I should say that we've been trying to keep her on a leash because since she's come here she's turned into a ninga cat and has escaped at least once a day. There are fences and trees to dash up, birds to pounce on and roofs to saunter along while she listens to me curse at her. Paris LOVES it when she escapes and we chase her around the house. Once inside again the excitement continues and she plays ninja cat on the stairs and has taken to pouncing on the kids as they pass by. When her eyes get big and round the kids scream, "Mom!".

Have you ever had this happen to you? Have you ever had your cat's instincts suddenly released when they'd discovered the outdoors?
 This is where you hear the theme from Mission Impossible playing.

 For fun I thought I would gather some ninja cat images. Funny how you never see ninja dogs.

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