Sunday, February 10, 2013

Still on the hunt.

Sorry I haven't posted that frequently but I've been feeling a little bummed and I've been limiting my time online. The bad mood is thanks to my financial situation. Again. We've been fortunate that where we live, the economy hasn't been as bad as many places. Unfortunately, now we're starting to see the down-turn and the little restaurant I work at is hurting. I've had my hours cut and seen my sales totals go down. I've been looking for new work closer to home but I haven't had any luck. Because I'm much older than most applicants I'm at a pretty big disadvantage. Although I can sell more and provide better service than a newer server, I can't work double shifts, work until 2 am, be on-call at a moments notice and fit into an itty-bitty black dress.  I know I've had this rant before.

 Now I don't love serving work and I've always wished to be out of it and making a living at my art but now I'm scared that I can't depend on it. I have so many skills but I don't know whereto apply them so that I can pay the bills. What other ways can I bring in some money? I've been offering cakes out of my home, trying to sell on Etsy, trying to sell locally at shows and shops, and putting things for sale on eBay. Getting hired by someone and getting a paycheque would take a lot of the pressure off of trying to sell my art. So fellow artists.....where have you found work that uses your visual skills? I'm all ears.


  1. Hi Lori
    I know your problem! I'm currently working teaching Art in a Prison!! The work is easy enough, the pay pretty good, but the travelling makes it a LONG day. I'm up at 5.50am and home again by maybe 6.00pm. I was covering for someone who was off sick and that's lasted 8 months, but they're keeping me on for 2 days a week which will give me time to do some artwork of my own.
    Do you have a local jail?

  2. Wow! A jail! Yup, that's not something I thought of. The nearest jail is about 45 minutes away and I can honestly say I would rather not work there. Good for you for finding some way to make some money off your talents!