Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's time for a STUDIO SALE!

Over the years, while busy creating artwork, I hadn't bothered to show or sell my work. The work slowly accumulated between periods of no production whatsoever do to moves, new jobs, and having children. Since having my second child, that tiny artistic voice in my head just got too loud and I could no longer ignore it. Committed to spending time in the studio, I longed to creative more and more. To that end, I have a stockpile of work that needs to find a new home. There is more that I want to create but no where to put it. As such, I'm having a huge studio sale and offering some really big discounts. Some of the pieces will be up to 50% off. The majority of the work on sale will be original monotypes (singular prints) but I will have some smaller editioned prints as well. As a bonus, I will be offering free shipping and insurance on the purchase of larger pieces. The sale will run for the month of August and I hope to add new pieces throughout the month.

Many viewers of my artwork are confused as to what a monotype is and don't realize that the prints I create are one-of-a-kind. The monotypes that I do are called reductive in that I roll the whole plate with black ink and then “draw” into it with rags, cards, fingers, etc. to achieve the whites and grey tones. Once I feel the image is complete I lay a piece of dampened paper onto the plate and roll it through the press I keep at home. Now all the ink has transfered onto the paper and the image is in reverse. This will be the only print I can pull. Once dry I may go into the print and hand colour it with chalk pastels.

While there aren't too many artists who do this kind of print I was able to find a few Etsy. Take a look at the following printmakers 's shops to see how wonderful this medium can be.

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