Friday, August 21, 2009

The walls are closing in.

Okay....I know that I've been saying this for a while now but I really have to organize my studio. The problem is that we have so many interests and supplies for those interests that we just can't fit it all into one room. As such, we keep piling things against other things. The floor space is getting smaller and smaller and we're starting to look like hoarders. I haven't even shown the stacks of frames and boards starting to accumulate in the hallway. My print drawers will barely close now because they are so full. I guess the only solution is to give up some studio time and get the mess cleaned up. Cluttered space equals cluttered mind, right?


  1. I agree - Tidy House Tidy Mind. that said my office/sewing room is full of junk, material stacks and threads snipped off all over the floor ...

  2. I also had an art teacher who said a messy space is a sign of a "creative thinker". Can I justify it that way?