Sunday, July 26, 2009

Portland, Oregon

Our family went on a short vacation this year to Portland, Oregon. I just had to see as to why there are so many artists on-line and on Etsy are from there. We were only able to stay a couple of nights and because we came with the kids, we weren't able to visit as many sights and we would have liked. However, we did get to see the zoo, the farm market and the Portland Art Museum. While the kids slept in the stroller, we fired around the gallery and saw many amazing works of art. I'm sad to say that Vancouver does not get the quantity or calibre of art that American cities do.

Two print shows currently on exhibit there are M.C. Escher and Beth Van Hoesen. While I'm not a huge Escher fan, I was blown away by the technical skill I got to see by viewing the prints and plates in person. The Beth Van Hoesen show was just fantastic and looked as though it could have been the work of five artists with the variety of approach, line, and content. If you ever want to see what a truly skilled printmaker looks like, Beth Van Hoesen should be your first pick. One day, when that lottery cashes in for me , I will buy a piece of hers. Maybe I can't wait that long.

Although I can't say that I was able to make it to any other galleries, I was able to make it to some neat shops. Because I love paper and all things related to paper ( a paper store is another lottery wish), I'm posting links to Paper Source and Oblation Papers and Press. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

So if you're ever planning to visit Portland know that you'll need more than a few days to really take in what the city has to offer. Oh yeah, and thank you to all of you on Twitter who gave me plenty of suggestions on things to do and see while there. I hope to go back and finish that list.
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  1. I lived in Portland for several years and would move back in a heartbeat! LOVE it there!