Sunday, July 12, 2009

Studio 618

As many of you on-line know, the connections you make in the internet community are very important. To be seen and to sell, you need those connections to help create a positive word-of-mouth and draw people to your site. As part of my quest to sell my artwork online, I joined Tim Adam's forum group Etsy Secrets. As a group we connect and learn from each other as well as support each other in our artistic ventures. I have met some fantastic people through this group and have gained a wealth of information from them.
I would like to feature on member in particular who has continually been supportive of my online goals. Theresa Kwong of Studio 618. I continually find her putting out positive comments on Facebook and retweeting my posts on Twitter. Theresa is someone you should surely "follow".
Theresa is a wonderful silversmith from California who creates some really unique pieces. I think my most favorite pieces are those with enscriptions as they are all so positive. I know I have featured this bracelette before but I think it's just stunning. These are just a couple of her 70+ pieces available in her Etsy shop so do take a look at what else she has to offer. To see what other things Theresa might be up to, visit her blog at Studio618.blogspot. I bet you she's busy helping others fulfill their goals. Thanks Theresa.

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  1. Lori, thanks SO much for your kind words. I'm just overwhelmed with your generosity. Yeah, the friends on ES are sure keepers.

  2. ES rocks and I follow her twitter and blog too. We have a great community. Can't wait to see what Tim shares next!

  3. This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! I am going to her etsy shop now!
    Thanks for sharing.