Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blogs to inspire

For part my Pikaland Bootcamp course we were asked to research blogs that we enjoy and really look at what it is that is attracting us to them so that we could possibly apply the same principles to our own blogs. Well I have to admit that my blog reading list is quite huge and I don't get to regularly visit as many as I would like. The ones I end up visiting the most are the ones I get through my email and the ones I see on my Facebook stream. There's one lesson right there: get email subscribers and be part of NetworkedBlogs on Facebook.

So I thought I'd share with you some of the blogs that I find inspiring and thoroughly enjoy reading.

Image coyrighted to Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans-Firefluff
 I really enjoy how she shows the process of her work through photos. Most of the computer stuff is over my head but she does break it down into components.

I just LOVE the color of her work.
 She has a HUGE list of illustrators and people she's inspired by with their links.  Lots to click on for me.

How about Orange
Jammed-packed with tutorials and downloads. I could spend a whole weekend on here.

Louise- Art and Ghosts
Love the imagery and how it's simply presented with large photographs.

Amy Earles- Wool&Water
I get to see her artwork in progress. She has short and clear posts which is great for someone like me who scans most pages.

You know there are many more that I could tell you about but I just don't have the room to talk about them all. I've put a list on my side bar that you can click to see more. I'm sure that list will get very long, very quickly. Happy reading.

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