Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finds at the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair

Yesterday was the last show of the season for me and I figure you've already seen my set up so I would show you some of the other vendors that were selling at the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair.

I only had about ten minutes before the doors were to open to check out the other tables but thankfully I was able to buy a gift from SwirlySpoons because I was sure they were going to be sold out by lunch. They had a wonderful selection of unique gift items at great prices.

I wish I had some extra time to visit Jennifer Lee's table as the knitted shawls were gorgeous. I see from Jennifer's site that she is very multi-talented.  Worth snagging something from this artist for sure. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a fondness for bees and I truly worry about their survival. If they don't survive, we won't last too much longer.
 Gold Strike Honey Bee was a table selling right next to me and they did brisk business through the whole show and I didn't see the seller sit down once. (!) I bought three different jars and I will do my best to make sure at least two of them become gifts.

So now that I'm done doing shows I think I'm going to try and go to Got Craft on Dec. 4 and be a buyer. Bring on the handmade!

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