Sunday, November 20, 2011

How the Christmas Craft Show at Southarm went

So how did the Southarm Christmas Craft Show go for me this weekend?

 Meh. Not that great.

This show is a popular local un-juried show which I had never attended before. There were several rooms of vendors and there was a fairly steady flow of people which seemed promising. I soon found out though that this was the place to get you Christmas bargains of the year as there were handmade cards being sold for $2.50ea and handknit scarves being sold for $8 (!). The quality of the products being sold was definitely not being reflected in the prices. Most of the vendors were retired ladies with plenty of years of expertise  under their belt. These sellers were asking probably just enough to cover the cost of their materials and not much else.

Needless to say I didn't sell that much but I did get a few people come by and let me know that they felt my work was  unique and interesting. You know what I did get though? I won the vendor raffle draw and I was given $50 and an escort to go around the show and buy whatever I wanted. I think I love having the ability to spend money freely. It's fun!

I changed up my table for this year. Below are some pics. I would love to hear your critique.

New silkscreened aprons, napkins and t-shirts

Art tins, pendants and clay rings and earrings

Original prints, pocket mirrors and art cards

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  1. Your table looks great, with enough stuff to be full, but not so much that it's overwhelming! I'm sorry it's a bargain show- but the 50 dollar gift card sounds like a happy ending :)