Sunday, January 15, 2012


Before the Christmas holidays I usually try and think about which handmade gifts I will make for everyone. I always try and think of something I haven't made before so no one gets bored of the type of gift year after year. I used to go through all my saved Martha Stewart magazines and see if there was anything I hadn't tried out yet. This year I found a wealth of crafty how-tos through Pinterest. If I didn't see something on my home feed that I had thought of I would just type it into the search bar and probably find that someone somewhere had tried my idea. 

I just love Pinterest as I'm a very visual person and I love the ability to scan through hundreds of gorgeous photos posted by like-minded crafty people. While my foremost interest on Pinterest is for the how-tos, I also enjoy being able to browse tons of inspirational artwork. Really, this site makes me sigh with admiration. Below are a sample of some of the pins I've put on my boards. You can find all of my boards here. What do you like to use Pinterest for?

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