Sunday, March 25, 2012

Working on...trace monotypes

 Here's a peek at some trace monotypes I did the other day. I haven't done the technique in so long and there really is a particular process for it. Belinda Del Pesco has some fantastic photos of the trace monotype process that she does.

 I found that I had to be careful not to roll too much ink onto the plate and I really had to make sure to keep my pencil straight up and down. With the position of the pen and the plate as it was, I found my hand getting easily tired. I think I will try doing them again but with the plate upright and on an angle while standing up.
The trace monotype allows you to use pre-prepared detailed drawings that you then "trace" onto your paper that has been laid down on an inked plate. However, I find that my best drawings are ones that I do free-hand even though I may have to re-do them a couple times. 

I'm thinking of adding color to some of these with watercolor or pencil crayon.

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