Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting ready for Arts Alive Festival 2012

I haven't been able to do an Illustration Friday  submission since before I've moved but I've been very busy doing other things. I don't do many art and craft shows during the year but I have been prepping for one that will be happening in my new hometown of Langley.

On August 18th part of downtown Langley will be closed to traffic and artists and musicians of all sorts will be selling their wares. I've never done this show but I want to start establishing myself as a local artist as soon as I can. What I do know, though, is that we've found Langley to be one of the most friendly places we've ever lived. Just about every time we've gone out somewhere someone has stopped to chat, give advice or help out. I think that bodes well for the show, don't you?

Below is a picture of some things I will be selling at the show. Some of the items might make it into my Etsy shop so stayed tuned. What's your favourite?


  1. It is nice to live in a friendly place. All of your items are beautiful but I especially like the lady in the bright skirt.

  2. How nice that you are enjoying Langley! I would love to catch up with you at some show. We haven't moved yet. How was the show on the 18th? Good luck with everything;)

  3. The show went well! I'm currently getting ready for the Langley Studio Tour. It would be good to catch up before you move for sure.