Sunday, August 19, 2012

How the Arts Alive! show went

It was a beautiful day for the Arts Alive! Festival and if you were able to stay in the shade it wasn't too hot. I went into this show trying not to think too much about sales and just focus on getting some local exposure. While the crowd wasn't huge it was pretty consistent and continued for almost the whole show. I'm happy to say that I broke even on this show and that's fantastic. I didn't sell any of my new cups and saucers or any of my silkscreened onesies even though I swear there is a baby boom about to happen in Langley.

Below are some pics from the day.

My booth set up with my newly sewn bunting.

Napkins, cups and saucers

I was next to Krazy Bob's Music Emporium and his funky VW

Krazy Bob creating LP art. He knew how to get the crowds. ; )

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