Monday, January 14, 2013

I now have and iPad! How to I attach it to my tri-pod?

So I must've been a good girl last year because I got an iPad for Christmas. I've been having lots of fun trying out all the new apps and games on it and while I've been too afraid to take it out of the house, I have been making good use of it at home.

 The new iPad has a great camera lens on it and while I've already tried my hand at Instagram, I'm pretty excited to think that I have access to a HD video camera to help me create some printmaking videos. But there is a catch. How do I mount my iPad to a tri-pod? I knew I could probably order one but I thought that there might be a way to make one. Thanks to Google you can find anything.

I have two links for you. The first one is a for a video that made me realize that I should use my iPad for video. It's an informative how-to video on creating packing for Canada Post's "slot of doom". Using a Blackberry Playbook, Claire Maunsell  creates a really clear video that I will be sure to visit again.

The next video is by Mike McCormick who actually creates an iPad mount for a tri-pod. While I see no links to any instructions it gave me enough visual info that I think I might try and rig up something similar. Stay tuned to see if I'm successful with this DIY.

What about you? Were you able to rig something up for your iPad? Tell me about it.

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